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Taxi back window advertising, contra vision

Full colour
Taxi Back window branding
Contra Vision
Same day printing

R600.00 R700.00


Advertising on Taxi’s provides great reach as taxis travel around busy cities and act as effective mobile billboards showcasing your brand to an on-the-move audience. This medium targets general foot traffic as well as commuters who travel throughout the day.​

The PENIT PRINTING team are able to place your advertisement on taxis throughout South Africa. ​

    Rear window taxi advertising:

  • is an effective method of reaching motorists, with congestion and busy roads meaning your ad stands out prominently in traffic
  • can be offered as a stand-alone advertising solution or as an extension of the rest of your taxi ad campaign
    uses clever Contra Vision technology to make sure your ad doesn’t restrict the driver’s view, but still remains a solid creative
  • catches the commuting audience by being placed directly within their view
  • can fuel future purchases and increase brand awareness, with following motorists seeking a distraction from yet another inner-city standstill!
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